About Bert

This is the website of artist and creative entrepreneur Bert Wouters (1959).
On this site you can find information about the artworks and related articles by Bert in ‘Le Studio’ at the Witte de Withstraat 144 in Amsterdam see the first light of day. Bert has protected his work through Beeldrecht registration number 39592.

Wouters has always been an entrepreneur and has only started painting at the age of 48.

Bert’s vision and creativity came into full bloom after a revolution in his life.
In a short time he developed his fresh and colorful style with your own signature. His paintings have an open look that everyone cordially invited to step into their world. Although there is an abstract representation of reality, Bert knows by bold use of color and composition to create a high degree of recognition. The almost universal style misses its effect within a short time, Bert has a clientele made up consisting of art lovers and art previously barbarians. Wouters often paints in order, inter alia, ‘De Baarsjes’ to the City of Amsterdam and ‘City Bank’ for the 400th anniversary of the City Bank Loan Amsterdam.
Besides paintings Bert also produces various items on which his art is shown. Brill stove, set of espresso cups, birthday calendar, card game and a pen case can be purchased at Chez Atelier.

In addition, there are about 40 other outlets in Amsterdam Bert articles are sold. Bert Wouters metal wall light with the specific Baarsjes pattern had its premiere at the image Route 2014.bert-wouters.jpg